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IT - Services

What we offer:
An IT solution tailored to your personal requirements and suited to SMEs and large enterprises.

Businesses seeking an IT solution that's tailored to their requirements or looking to optimise their existing installation would do well to contact IT specialists Oskar Emmenegger & Söhne AG, Zizers, who offer custom services.

Domiciled in Zizers, our firm offers comprehensive bespoke IT services at first hand. We work with small and mid-sized enterprises in Graubünden, the rest of Switzerland and abroad. Customers across the spectrum of industry benefit from a superior quality service thanks to the extensive experience and leading-edge knowledge of our management and staff. Established in 1984, the IT Services division of Oskar Emmenegger & Söhne AG in Zizers develops IT.

IT Services, end-to-end as well as individual solutions

End-to-end as well as individual solutions

Our portfolio of end-to-end solutions is unique. What this means is that the IT services companies within Oskar Emmenegger & Söhne AG are your ideal partners for any size of solution, ranging from the development of specific software programs, the installation and management of standard software and the installation, expansion and modification of hardware and systems, networks, internet and network security all the way to providing business premises with telephone network links, mainframe links and multimedia and delivering internet provider and support services.

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