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We are at our customers' service.

We take our customers' wishes and issues seriously. We are there for them and always track down the most appropriate solution.

Our references – a small selection across all sectors in the domestic market:

  • Adank Davos AG, Davos
  • AG Buchdruckerei Schiers, printing office, Schiers
  • Albert Spiess AG, Schiers
  • Archiconsulting AG, Chur
  • Armitech AG, Küssnacht am Rigi
  • Bäckerei Signer, bakery, Zizers
  • Bergbahnen Motta Nalus Scuol - Ftan - Sent AG, mountain railways, Scuol
  • Broder AG, mechanical engineering, Sargans
  • City of Zurich, protection and rescue
  • Donatsch engineering and measuring office, Landquart
  • Druckerei Landquart VBA, printing office, Landquart
  • Ernst Meier AG, gardencenter, Dürnten
  • EPV Components AG, Baar
  • Friko IT, Küblis
  • Frostag AG, Landquart
  • Gonzen Druck AG, printing office, Bad Ragaz
  • Hans Martin Allemann, solicitor and notary, Uetikon am See
  • Hans Peter Senn AG, garage, Chur and Landquart
  • Hotel Meierei, St. Moritz
  • Hotel und Restaurant Michelshof, St. Antönien
  • Klarsoft AG, Chur
  • Lutz, Schmid Ingenieure AG, engineering office, Chur, Poschiavo and Vignogn
  • Metzgerei A. Mark, butcher, Schiers-Lunden
  • Petrac Handels AG, Zizers
  • Rainer GmbH, Bad Ragaz
  • Raility AG, railway technology, Biel
  • Sieber Cassina + Handke AG, Chur
  • Swiss Snowsports School, Scuol
  • Sinnfabrik Anstalt, Vaduz
  • Solida Treuhand AG, fiduciary, Sedrun and Disentis
  • Vetsch fiduciary and auditing services, Davos
  • Villa Digital Engineering, Chur
  • Zanolari AG, glazing retail and fitting, Domat/Ems

We would be delighted to provide your business with advice, support and bespoke IT solutions.

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