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  • Our strengths extend to the provision of bespoke IT solutions.
  • We develop software programs.
  • Our approach is both practical and solutions oriented.

The IT Services department of Oskar Emmenegger & Söhne AG is expert at installing hardware and software on company premises. This includes the installation, expansion and modification of hardware and systems. We are also a one-stop shop for software development, network and internet security and internet services.

We specialise equally in the areas networking, mainframe systems and telecommunications for businesses. We develop appropriate concepts, carry out the necessary installations and provide round-the-clock maintenance and troubleshooting support.

We also offer rapid-response and maintenance support for products that we sell. A Sage Office Line hotline operates during office hours.

IT Services was founded in 1984, followed by Internet Services in 1996

Oskar Emmenegger & Söhne AG established its IT Services department in 1984. The parent company, specialists in restoration, was founded in 1959. Oskar Emmenegger senior continues to pursue his conservation and restoration work of churches, chapels, castles, forts and patrician residences to this day, supported by between five and ten qualified restorers and specialists. Meanwhile his son Rafael Emmenegger set up the IT Services department and continues to develop its expertise.

In its early days, the internal IT Services department under Rafael Emmenegger focused on providing the parent company with mapping solutions and documenting services for restored objects. Outside businesses came to hear of the department's expertise and began requesting its services. IT Services was quick to realise the potential and broadened its portfolio of services without compromising either its quality or its reliability. This had the effect of earning the loyalty of existing customers and of attracting new ones.

Rafael Emmenegger currently has a staff of five dedicated IT technicians, as well as one programmer and one web designer.

Oskar Emmenegger & Söhne AG established its Internet Services department in 1996.

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